Every year around this time I promise myself I will eat better, run more, do more yoga and the list goes on. However this year I decided to do a house detox. I aim to have the most organized, tidy and functional rooms and I’ve been off to a great start (ahem if I do say so myself) This week I’m focusing on that all important room for the ladies…..the bathroom! I’ve made just a few cheap and cheerful changes which really helped the the look and feel of the place:

1) Grab & Go: Most mornings I need to fly out of the bathroom, so having everything readily available is key. Instead of rummaging through my make-up kit for daily makeup I’ve arranged everything in a small tray with partitions.


2) Show the disposables: So you can see when supplies are low and know when it’s time to stock up, put everyday essentials, including cotton balls and swabs, in clear containers. Consider using any repurposed vessels or glass apothecary jars. These make the bathroom look really pretty too! These are available in Dubai at “Homes R’Us”, “Crate & Barrel” or for a cheaper option and great variety “Dragon Mart” (head to Section IB, General Commodities behind the money exchange is a great little glass shop). Prices range from AED 30 – 80.


3) Don’t hide the TP: No need to hide that TP and dread the moment you run out! I bought mine from “Homes R’Us” for AED 39 in the DSF sale!